Hagia Sophia Tickets Price

Last update: 15 March 2020

Looking for Hagia Sophia tickets for your visit to Istanbul? Find out more about the ticket price, how to skip the line, the best times to visit the museum, and how to get the most out of your Hagia Sophia experience. Now it is a museum, but in the past, it has been a mosque and church with a lot of historical, religious, socio-political and cultural importance.

On this page you will find a complete guide to buy tickets for Hagia Sophia, some of which are:

How much do Hagia Sophia tickets cost?
Hagia Sophia entrance fee is 100 Turkish Liras (TL). 100 TL is approximately 15 Euros or 16 USD. Children under the age of 8 can enter for free. Please note that a passport is needed for the children’s free entry ticket.

Hagia Sophia ticket price was last updated on 1st of March 2020. There has been no change since.

However, if you want to enter the museum with skip-the-line tickets, you must pay 20 Euros.

How do you buy Hagia Sophia tickets in advance? How do you skip the line?
In most attractions, there is a long line at the entrance. Buying your ticket online can help you bypass this line and enter it directly. It is especially recommended during peak season so you won’t waste your precious vacation time.

Hagia Sophia Tickets Cost – Hagia Sophia Entrance Fee – Hagia Sophia Online Tickets
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